We didn´t see it coming

John has no plan / famous last words

We focus on markets, disrupted by Digital Services. These are industries that are fighting competition from traditional competitors and data-driven service providers.  A traditional researcher still concentrates more on today´s relevant competition and often does not reflect the impact of upcoming digital service providers.

Healthcare, how it used to be and will be

How new solutions are changing the way healthcare goods and services are being delivered to the population and their business models. Anything that consumers use to interface with the health system and fight this increase by making consumers a better shopper of their services. This article is worth reading: Data from wearables helped teach an AI to spot signs of diabetes emphasizes the importance of data and makes it clear that the system can only detect signs of diabetes rather than making diagnoses and treatment decisions.

How to make consumers a better shopper of Healthcare Services

Today: Reactive Health

  • Seek health services when feeling ill
  • Consumer sorts through different care options
  • Data is then captured to confirm the diagnosis

Tomorrow: Proactive Health

    • Data is captured via medical-grade wearables
    • Care option reaches out if there is an anomaly
    • Provider already has the historical dataset of relevant biomarkers and genetic predisposition