axelhoehnke unterstützt Unternehmer und Investoren als Entwicklungspartner im Umfeld von Applikationen und dezentraler Netzwerkstrukturen

Schnelle Netze und vernetzte Dienste bieten Herausforderungen, denen gegenüber aktuelle Unternehmensstrukturen selten hinreichend geschützt aufgestellt sind.

Unterstützung als externer Berater mit spezialisierten Partnern in Estland und Israel. Wir helfen beim Aufbau dezentraler Organisationen - mehr dazu | Markteintritt - mehr dazu


Empfehlungen von Unternehmern und Investoren.

Axel was responsible for the Marketing and Product Development for the 18 Elisa city carriers and the nationwide carriers. He coordinated the Marketing & Product related know-how transfer between Helsinki and the German city carrier group and the central product & service roadmap. He negotiated the e-commerce pilot with one of the largest German media houses and a California based e-commerce specialist.


Dr. Jürgen Kassubek CEO Helsinki Telekom Deutschland Elisa Group (aka Helsinki Telephone Corporation)

Axel´s expertise significantly improved the efficiency of our product road mapping, marketing, and sales automation process and finally helped us in achieving harsh deadlines. We are delighted about his proactive client support and have experienced Axel as a loyal and trusted partner.

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Axel to you as a business consultant and I hope you can enjoy equally impressive benefit from his work as we do at Swiss Crypto Exchange

Björn Matthies, Member of the Board, SCX, September 2018 SCX - Swiss Crypto Exchange

Yapital was the first European, mobile payment solution, customers could make cashless payments across all channels, whether it be in-store, mobile, online or by invoice.

Axel has both incredible industry vision and the ability to execute on this vision. He also poses the ability to open doors and quickly make key connections. – I highly recommend him for his professional and personal skills. Further, he is a very pleasant and reliable person to work with – I appreciate him on both levels.

Nils Winkler, CEO and Chairman of the Board Yapital – Mobile Payment by Otto Group

Axel is one of those few folks who understands both what the business needs and how the technology needs to support the business. His command of the digital media space, from both technical and business dimensions is truly impressive. And, he's a great human being and a pleasure to work with!

Harald Neidhardt, Mentor & Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur smaato

Axel has an amazing ability to link Mobile Innovation, Social Network Dynamics and their impact on international trade and investment. He is able to connect with and energize an audience, no matter how varied the group may be. At a recent conference that I organized he captured a crowd of media, tech, and online professionals with a presentation on Mobile Monday and its importance on driving innovation and cooperation between mobile developers, international technology companies and other relevant stakeholders. Great to see someone actually living the idea of Global Mobile Business Development

Rainer M. Giersch, Director Business Development Europe Government of British Columbia

Axel is an expert in the German retail business with profound insight and excellent contacts. We appreciated his professionalism and go-getter spirit.

Andreas Cohen, Chairman I-COM Global

Axel Hoehnke - Chronologie

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aktuell - - Competitive Monitoring & Cybersecurity

2015/2016 - RadioOpt (Spin-Off Vodafone 5G Lab), Managing Director

2008/2015 - MobileMonday Germany - Co-Founder & Board Member

2012/2015 - XING - Industry Ambassador - Mobile & Telecommunications

2014 - Yapital - Interim CPO - Teams in Hamburg, Kiev and Luxemburg

2011/2012 - Smaato - VP Strategy & New Business - APAC, Americas, and EMEA

2011 - Hiogi, Service Community - Interim CEO, Repositioning, Company Sale

2008/2009 - Microsoft, Publisher Solutions: AtlasSolutions, Rapt (Yield Management), Screen Tonic (Mobile Advertising) Vibe (Behavioral Targeting) and Massive (In-Game Advertising) technology

2007/2008 - Spin3 - Mobile Gaming / Gambling, Partner - DACH

2002/2007 - DigitalEnvoy, IP-Intelligence, Partner DACH

2001/2002  - IconMedialab, Full Service E-Business, TIMES vertical

2000/2001 - Elisa Group. Finland’s largest Telco and City-Carrier investor in Germany. Head of Electronic and Mobile-Business Unit Elisa Germany

1998/1999 - THOMSON Multimedia, Saba, Telefunken,  Sales Director Capital Chains

1994/1997 - Premiere / SkyTV

1992/1994 - Mars Masterfoods